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hello! this is my fanlisting collective thingy! i list all of my fanlistings here; owned and joined! isn't that neato? i sure do think it is! i'm pretty new to fanlistings, but it seems fun and exciting. so i'm giving it a try! have a look around!


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Cartoon Heroes

kim navi

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none of the fanlistings here are official or in any way, officially linked to any companies. this is all just a fans way of sharing the love.

myra. x. angela. jenny. ferny. jennifer. kya. georgina. tess.

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Starting Fanlistings!

Posted on Sunday, 19th of February, 2012

i'm doin it! its so neato! i'm starting my very own fanlisting collective thingy! it seems like lots of fun! so many of my online buddies are into em. so i wanna join into the fun! so with some help, i've started my collective. then to work on making my very first fanlisting! i'm way excited! =D yippy!

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Isn't it Pretty?!

Posted on Wednesday, 27th of October, 2010

I changed my theme! My friend suggested it! Isn't this new theme pretty?! :D I love it lots! Looks at all the pretty pink! Neskaya Designs made the theme. Its really pretty I think! All her designs are super pretty though. Go and look at them!

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